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The search for alternative therapies, especially in depression, tinnitus and stroke, is never ending. The techniques employed by MAG & More allow for modern therapy and diagnosis methods, always trying to achieve a higher quality of patient care.


MAG & More GmbH is a medical technology company which since its foundation in 2002 specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of cutting-edge technologies and products in the field of neurostimulation. The focus lies on magnetic neurostimulation which provides an alternative therapy with significant, quality of life improving clinical benefits for patients suffering from various neurological and psychiatric illnesses.
We provide products of highest innovation and functionality for clinical and research users.            



PowerMAG Stimulators

PowerMAG stimulators meet every expectation placed on complex medical devices and are CE-approved for use in therapy, diagnosis and research.


PowerMAG View! 3D-Neuronavigation

Real-time visualization on anatomically individualized images (MRT, color coded fMRT) of a stimulation coil's activity field.      

System Solutions

PowerMAG System solution

Adapted for defined applications, PowerMAG system solutions enable goal oriented workflow...



Information on some of the most common and successful application fields of non-invasive neurostimulation can be found here:

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