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A Certified training for finding efficient and simple routines for your daily therapy and/or research sessions. TMS – Academy user trainings are designed for both new and experienced TMS users and will always include extended hands-on training. Find out more at


Finding efficient and simple routines for your daily research and therapy sessions is the focus of the TMS-Days. Magnetic stimulation user training is provided for TMS users and TMS interested people by highly experienced clinical users. The emphasis during this course is on the practical application and the efficient use of your rTMS equipment. The training incorporates the newest clinical information available in research and is hence always state-of-the-art.

Advanced Research Courses

By focusing on hands-on training our advanced research courses fit perfectly for everyone who wants to learn TMS the practical way. Our research related courses combine formal lectures with extensive hands-on training guided by experienced specialists.

Doctor's Course

The TMS-Academy´s Doctor's Courses focus on training towards successfully performing daily routines and performing multiple therapy session in one day.

Nurse Course

This course helps nurses in daily TMS routines and focuses on extensive hands-on training.
In order to perform a correct, accurate and effective session for their patients, this course is a good training for everyone who works with TMS equipment. In this course the participants learn efficient ways to find the motor hot-spot or determine the correct motor threshold value by using simple rules.

Individual TMS and 3D-Neuronavigation Training

Whether you want to improve you skills in using TMS and/or 3-D Neuronavigation, this training is specifically designed to meet your individual needs.
Depending on the experience and the expectations of the participants this training covers the whole range of (navigated) TMS.