Apollo TMS

Apollo TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) Therapy offers a new standard in depression treatment, designed for patient comfort and safety

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Efficient cortical neuron stimulation for effective treatment
  • Industry-leading, short bi-phasic pulse length is highly efficient at cortical neuron stimulation
  • Capable of up to 100 Hz Theta Burst


Excellent patient comfort
  • Ergonomically design patient chair promotes a comfortable treatment process
  • Quiet treatment coil
  • Patient awake and alert during treatment
  • Patient able to resume normal activities after treatment


Makes Patient safety a priority
  • Short bi-phasic pulse length stimulation puts lower energy input into brain
  • Storage of all patient treatment settings
  • Automatic safety check for selected treatment protocols
  • Assistance system including seizure management


Stimulation frequency Capable up to 100 Hz Theta Burst
Maximum intensity 100% intensity @ 30 Hz and 70% intensity @ 100 Hz Theta burst
Dimensions Height 135 cm, Width 120 cm, Depth 65 cm
Session duration ∼19-minutes
Motor Threshold Determination Automatic determination of Motor Threshold using software and same treatment coil
Software "Stimware": stores patient session data, safety and protocol checks


Software making TMS practice easy


The Apollo TMS Software software makes daily use and running of TMS easy and personalised, saving your time to focus on your patient's comfort.  The patient database is HIPAA compliant and handles all relevant information on the stimulation parameters of each individual patient.  Reports of the therapy and sessions can be generated for easy reimbursement.


A complete turn-key solution

Whether you are an experienced provider of TMS services or looking to start your TMS practice new, partnering with MAG & More we will guide you through every step of the way.

Our product solutions will be comprehensive, ensuring you feel equipped with quality technology support and training for clinical leaders and practice teams.

Your complete Apollo TMS package will include:

✓ On-site installation by trained personnel
✓ On-site system instruction and hands-on training by TMS experts
✓ Includes high-performance stimulation coil "aCool" or "pCool"
✓ Comes with a TMS starter set, including 10 caps
✓ Complete system warranty

Compatible TMS Coils

aCool Treatment Coil_magandmore (1)

"aCool" Treatment Coil
  • MAG & More´s “Air Cooling-Technology” reduces heating and allows for an increased number of stimulation pulses
  • Specially designed for long protocols or high patient throughput
  • Performance: more than 20.000 pulses at 1 Hz, 75%, 20°C start temp,
  • Weight: 2,6 kg
  • No pulse counter which forces you to purchase a new coil after a certain amount of pulses


pCool Coil

"pCool" Treatment Coil
  • Performs all standard protocol types (rTMS, continuous TMS,
    trains, Theta Burst)
  • No decrease of pulse intensity during stimulation
  • Frequency up to 100 Hz theta burst possible
  • Stable efficiently pulse length of 160 μs
  • Patented Safety limit features to ensure safe operation
  • Intuitive and powerful control options
  • Compatible with all MAG & More coil types


PMR Coil

Round coil “PMR” for peripheral stimulation
  • Circular coil with broader stimulation for peripheral stimulation
  • Suitable for spinal and peripheral applications
  • Performance: 1.800 pulses at 1 Hz, 75%, 20°C start temp
  • Weight: 1,1 kg

Apollo TMS Accessories

Customize your Apollo TMS setup to suit your practice or research needs. Explore our range of coils, chairs and other products compatible with Apollo TMS.