View 3D-Neuronavigation

Deliver highly targeted TMS treatment in clinical practice or research.

Experience the power of precision with the View! 3D-Neuronavigation system. This innovative technology allows you to visualize the electromagnetic hot-spot of the coil in an individual anatomical data record, giving you the ability to stimulate your desired target with unparalleled accuracy. Combining functionality with simple handling, the View! 3D-Neuronavigation system offers intuitive positioning that is both precise and reproducible.

Unlock the full potential of the View! 3D-Neuronavigation system by pairing it with any PowerMAG stimulator and stimulation coil. This system seamlessly integrates with your equipment to provide you with the a complete and professional TMS service.

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High-precision coil navigation
Real-time visualization of coil and coil movements
Individual head scan
6D-position storage and recall
Wirelass infra-red tracking system
Intuitive setup
Data export for further statistics
Integrated navigation points on all compatible MAG & More coils
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Neuronavigation product PowerMAG View! Integrated PowerMAG View! PowerMAG View! exchange
  power-mag-view-integrated power-mag-view power-mag-view-exchange
Characteristic Mobile navigation TMS Standard navigated TMS Software only
Individual MRI import
Data import (i.e. Dicom)
Automatic segmentation and modelling
Real-time recording of TMS coil positioning
Mobile cart    
PC + monitor  
Infrared camera on stand  
Tracking tools