PowerMAG Stimulators

For cutting-edge research into the effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Features of PowerMAG Research Stimulators


The PowerMAG´s are designed for the specific needs of your TMS research. Its interfacing technology creates a whole new experience in combining TMS with other methods, such as EEG, EMG and MRI. TMS’s major contribution to neuroscience research is the fact that it can demonstrate causality and induces inhibition or facilitation. Moreover, the excellent temporal resolution of TMS can be investigated by using EEG recording and its spatial resolution can be shown by using MRI.

✓ Full power output (100% intensity) up to 15 Hz with all stimulators
✓ Maintain consistent pulse power throughout stimulation
✓ Full external control with analog, digital and trigger interface
✓ Free setting of every single pulse (shape, orientation, intensity)
✓ High speed sync out interface (in selected countries)
✓ Continuous EEGs to be recorded without any power line noise or recharging artifacts
✓ Prepared for use with PowerMAG View! 3D Neuronavigation System
✓ Usable with all MAG & More coils
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Product name PowerMAG lab 30 PowerMAG lab 100 PowerMAG EEG 30 PowerMAG EEG 100 PowerMAG ppTMS PowerMAG QPS
  PowerMAG-LAB-150x150 PowerMAG-LAB-100-150x150-1 PowerMAG-EEG-30-150x150-1 PowerMAG-EEG-150x150 PowerMAG-ppTMS-150x150 PowerMAG-QPS-150x150
Characteristic Economic research Basic research with TBS EEG research Advanced real-time EEG All in one research solution qTBS stimulation
Stimulation frequency (Hz) 30 100 30 100 100 100 (666 in bursts)
Waveforms half / full half / full half / full half / full full full
Long interval ppTMS    
Short interval ppTMS          
Invertible coil current
Trigger in/ out
EEG compatible    
EMG compatible
Analog / digital control

Accessories for Research

From electrical to mechanical accessories, the PowerMAG’s accessories enable the PowerMAG user to explore the TMS world in a whole new way. The continuous development of the PowerMAG series naturally involves a regular update of the PowerMAG’s accessories line.

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