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The search for alternative therapies, especially in depression, is never ending. The techniques employed by MAG & More, always trying to achieve a higher quality of patient care.

TMS treatment solutions from MAG & More are especially designed for the safe and easy use of TMS in clinical applications. From the remarkable Apollo TMS Therapy system to PowerMAG Touch navigated solution our portfolio covers the full range of high-end TMS devices.

Apollo TMS Therapy System

This is Apollo

The Apollo TMS Therapy System is designed to make TMS therapy easy and intuitive to use for the operator and accomplishes this with its unique, high-quality design; the patented HANS positioning system; and touch based user interface which has several assistance systems on board. The design is set up to give the patient an inviting, modern feeling. We can customize the chair and system color to fit your CI/university setup, offer full service packages so that you do not have to worry about any repair costs or down times, and there are no additional/hidden costs for disposables or maximum pulse counts etc.


The HANS (Head-And-Neck-Support) positioning system ensures that you are reproducibly stimulating the correct treatment spot by following head movement. This also makes the treatment setup and session itself more comfortable for the patient, since he no longer needs to sit completely still during treatment as HANS  compensates for smaller head position changes.

Design Concept

The Apollo TMS Therapy System is available with an adjustable ergonomic chair, creating a pleasant and unique treatment atmosphere. This chair supports the patient’s back at different angles while the patient may comfortably rest with their feet up.
Customize your treatment environment with the different colors of the Apollo TMS Therapy System™ Chair.
All fabrics are cleanable with standard disinfection cleaning materials.

A new standard in depression treatment
  • Designed for enhanced depression therapy
  • Innovative streamlined workflow for safety and effectiveness
  • Head movement possible during treatment
  • Protocol safety check
  • Adjustable device positioning
  • Comfortable head rest and neck support
  • Silent non-mechanical cooling system
  • One coil for both MT determination and treatment
  • Confidence inspiring design
  • Works with most chairs
Treatment Schedule
  • 19 minutes treatment duration
  • 4-6 weeks in a row, 5 days per week
  • Patient is awake and alert during treatment
  • Normal activities possible after treatment
  • Exact cortical targeting even during patient movement
  • Low energy input into the brain thanks to short pulse length
  • Precise dosing
  • Storage of treatment settings and coil positioning
  • Integrated reporting of all sessions
  • Patient education package
Apollo brochure
Apollo TMS Therapy System components
  • Apollo Stimulator
  • Touch screen user interface with “Stimware”
  • Positioning module “HANS”
  • “Figure of 8” one fits all cooled coil
  • Theta-Burst stimulation available
  • MEP-option optional
  • Automatic MT determination procedure
  • Certified training with extended hands-on
  • No expensive disposables
  • No pay per use system
  • Reasonably priced basic system with upgrade options
  • Multiple sessions possible during a day
  • Streamlined workflow enables effective handling and saves time

PowerMAG Touch System | PowerMAG Touch navigated System

Treatment of various disorders

PowerMAG Touch is a simple-to-use ambulant treatment system. The system can be used for a wide range of applications and is capable to run multiple sessions per day over a long time. Exchangeable coils and a high performance stimulator ensure a maximum flexibility.

Make stimulation easy

Advanced functions as automatic safety criteria checks, storage & recall of treatment settings or safe measurement of the right stimulation dose ensure applying stimulations safely.
Touch screen “APP-like” software and many other ergonomic features guarantee an easy and comfortable treatment.

Documentation of your treatment

Patient evaluation and automatic documentation function is a very important part of TMS-treatments and of course contained in PowerMAG Touch. Printing reports and storage of both single sessions and whole treatments is useful for Quality Management and invoicing issues.

Future-proof TMS

PowerMAG Touch contains a high performing stimulator and state-of-the-art stimulation coil with advanced cooling technology. Modern protocols like TBS are a basic feature of our stimulator. New stimulation protocols and coil designs can be easily connected with PowerMAG Touch. Quality Made in Germany is the proof for top-class engineering and long lifetime.

Safety Management
  • Real-time protocol check with Rossi criteria
  • Safe stimulation dose
  • Immediate termination of pulsing
  • Rapid removal of coil
  • Quick placing patient in a safe position
  • Guided coil positioning
  • Pneumatic height adjustment of chair
  • Comfortable head rest
  • Mobile setup
  • Storage/recall of treatments settings
  • Navigated TMS from one manufacturer
  • Multiple protocols (rTMS, TBS, Trains)
  • Advanced (exchangeable) cooled coils
  • Integrated reporting
  • High performance stimulator for long life time
  • Highly effective pulse power
  • High-precise coil navigation
  • Individual head scan
  • Storage and recall of coil position
  • Wireless tracking system
  • Intuitive setup
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