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Our PowerMAG Research series opens up new application possibilities in TMS research. Surpassing every expectation placed on a highly developed medical device, the PowerMAG belong to the top class of magnetic stimulators. The combination of high-performance stimulator, state-of-the-art coils and various advanced equipment like 3D-TMS-neuronavigation systems enables a versatile usage of PowerMAG systems. Additionally, their simple and intuitive design ensures a user-friendly environment while using the stimulators.

The PowerMAG stimulator works in combination with all MAG & More stimulation coils. A broad range of stimulation coils enable clinicians and researchers to select the suitable coil for each specific application.

The PowerMAG Stimulators

The PowerMAG´s are designed for the specific needs of your TMS research. Its interfacing technology creates a whole new experience in combining TMS with other methods, such as EEG, EMG and MRI. TMS’s major contribution to neuroscience research is the fact that it can demonstrate causality and induces inhibition or facilitation. Moreover, the excellent temporal resolution of TMS can be investigated by using EEG recording and its spatial resolution can be shown by using MRI.

  • Full power output (100% intensity) up to 15 Hz with all stimulators
  • No decreasing of pulse power during stimulation
  • Full external controllability with analogue, digital and trigger interface
  • Free setting of every single pulse (shape, orientation, intensity)
  • High speed sync out interface (in selected countries)
  • Continuous EEGs to be recorded without any power line noise or recharging artifacts
  • Prepared for use with PowerMAG View! 3D Neuronavigation System
  • Usable with all MAG & More coils
StimulatorsPowerMAG lab 30PowerMAG lab 100PowerMAG EEG 30PowerMAG EEG 100PowerMAG ppTMSPowerMAG QPS
CharacteristicEconomic researchBasic research with TBSEEG researchAdvanced real-time EEGAll in oneqTBS stimulation
Stimulation frequenzy (Hz)3010030100100100 (666 in bursts)
Long interval ppTMS
Short interval ppTMS
Coil current invertable
Trigger in/out
EEG compatible
EMG compatible
Analog/digital control

The PowerMAG View! Neuronavigation

The PowerMAG View! 3D-Neuronavigation system visualizes the electromagnetic hot-spot of the coil at an individual, anatomical data record. This enables the TMS system to stimulate the target with great precision. The PowerMAG View! combines functionality with simple handling. The result: Intuitive positioning with superb precision and reproducibility.

The PowerMAG View! 3D-Neuronavigation system can naturally be combined with all PowerMAG stimulators and any stimulation coils from MAG & More.

  • High-precise coil navigation
  • Real-time visualization of coil and coil movements
  • Individual head scan
  • 6D-position storage and recall
  • Wireless infra-red tracking system
  • Intuitive setup
  • Data export for further statistics
  • Integrated navigation points on all MAG & More coils
NeuronavigationPowerMAG View! integratedPowerMAG View! tablePowerMAG View! exchange
CharacteristicMobile navigated TMSStandard navigated TMSSoftware only
Individual MRI import
Data import (i.e. Dicom)
Automatic segmentation and modeling
Real-time recording of TMS coil positioning
Mobile cart
PC + Monitor
Infrared camera on stand
Tracking tools

PowerMAG Coils

PowerMAG stimulation coils have been developed continuously together with our frequent users, resulting in coils with highest quality, accuracy and efficiency. By these means the very best outcome has been achieved, both in effectiveness and usability of the coils. Application-oriented coil geometries and the electromagnetic properties draw on all the potentials of the PowerMAG TMS system.

  • Physiological efficiency: variety of stimulation coils for specific applications
  • Maximum comfort: less coil heating and audible noise
  • Precision: extraordinary temporal  and spatial resolution
Double coil PMD70Double coil PMD70-pCoolDouble coil PMD70-pCool-SHAMDouble coil PMD25-decentralDouble coil PMD45-EEGRound coil PMR110
Pulse length
160 µs
160 µs
160 µs
160 µs
160 µs
170 µs
Max. field strength
2,0 T
2,0 T
4,0 T
2,5 T
2,2 T
Number of windings

2 x 10
2 x 10
2 x 10
2 x 82 x 1213
Winding diameter2 x 70
2 x 70
2 x 70
2 x 252 x 45110
1,3 kg
1,4 kg
1,4 kg
1,1 kg
1,1 kg
1,1 kg
Cable length
2 m
2 m
2 m
2 m
2 m
2 m
Navigation points
Number of Pulses
(20°C, 75%, 1Hz)


From electrical to mechanical accessories, the PowerMAG’s accessories enable the PowerMAG user to explore the TMS world in a whole new way. The continuous development of the PowerMAG series naturally involves a regular update of the PowerMAG’s accessories line.

Integration and Control Options

The PowerMAG series is designed and developed to ensure that you can integrate and control it to your preference in experimental setups.

Front Panel Mode

You can set general parameters such as the intensity, frequency, train length, pulse type and pulse polarity directly in the front panel mode. This mode also allows you to manually emit pulses as previously set up. Recommended for motor threshold hunting and stand-alone, un-patterned TMS applications.

External BNC triggering

Jitter-free triggering is essential for real-time applications. Our stimulators are equipped with trigger-in and trigger-out BNC connections that allow you to e.g. trigger pulses using the intensity set in front panel and feed the trigger-out TTL signal to external equipment. Example: Triggering the stimulator through Matlab and a parallel port.

Analogue signals and the control splitter box

Our analogue connection via Control splitter box allows the user to set triggers, stimulus intensity and stimulus shape directly through analogue (0-5V) signals. The advantages of this interface are numerous: Analogue signals are fast, and you have full flexibility over each individual pulse.

Serial connection and the PC Interface

The PC-Interface allows you to set up a serial connection between your computer’s USB port and the stimulator. Additionally, our serial command library allows you to easily set, start and stop protocol from e.g. Matlab, Python, or any other program that works with serial connections.


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