Quality assurance

We are committed to provide cutting-edge and high-quality medical products for our customers. We do not sell or market our products until they meet our high quality standards. Perfectly organizing all procedures from the development over the distribution, the acquisition and production to the delivery and service on site are subject to the quality management system according to ISO 13485. Our PowerMAG magnetic stimulators are medical devices and comply with the high safety requirements of DIN 60601-1 as well as all requirements set in the EU directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices.

MAG & More has consciously chosen to manufacture in Germany. In addition to high product quality, this choice secures a high degree of dependability and value creation. We can therefore proudly advertise our products as »Made in Germany«.

We have high quality standards and demand the same from our suppliers and partners. This lays the cornerstone for a long and dependable use of our devices. Our commitment to quality is rounded off by regular training provided to our distribution partners thus ensuring that they will provide high-quality advice to our customers.

  • As part of our corporate due diligence in terms of the quality assurance of our products and services, we have defined our policy using a QM handbook.
  • Our quality policy is not simply a matter for our top management, but guides us in the implementation of our vision and the implementation of relevant strategic planning steps.
  • Vision: With the many years of experience of our well-educated, motivated staff, we want to continue to develop and manufacture high-quality medical technology that offers patients and clients the greatest possible benefit and safety.
  • Our core concern is our customer orientation: we take customer needs into consideration in product development, in production, in sales, in service and in market observation.
  • We strive to create a personal relationship of trust with our clients.
  • The technically perfect condition of our equipment is an obligation.
  • We care about safety both internally and for our customers.
  • Based on the self-obligation of our top management to pursue continuous improvement of the system, obligations derived from management evaluations are used to define realistic goals. The important aspect here is to set goals that serve the continuous improvement of processes.
  • The fulfillment of goals is regularly checked by top management.
  • The quality policy is explained to each and every current and future employee, and they are required to implement it actively – EVERYONE.