About us

MAG & More has been involved in the field of magnetic neurostimulation for more than 15 years. We have fundamentally taken part in the development of strong and reliable stimulators as well as in the design of new stimulation coils. This experience has given us comprehensive knowledge to answer the needs of our customers in the field of magnetic stimulation.

Our focus lies on creating innovative products which fulfil the highest quality standards. We are truly commited to guarantee the satisfaction of our costumers with the quality, functionality and technology of our products and hence we provide our customers with service packages that offer the right solution for their individual requirements.

Behind our innovative products stand highly motivated employees with a great deal of experience, who work with a strong team spirit to meet all the needs of our international clients.

Our corporate headquarters and production facilities are in Bavaria, Germany. There, we continually develop modern concepts for stimulators, coils and other competences with the objective of providing patients who suffer from various neurological and psychiatric illnesses an alternative therapy with high clinical benefit that improves quality of life.

MAG & More GmbH has been a privately managed company since its foundation. As a result, we are capable of acting independently in our future, investing and planning for the long term.

MAG & More is a leader in the field of repetitive magnetic stimulation. We focus on the development and worldwide sale of high-quality medical technology «Made in Germany». By providing highest quality products, we are consciously committed to satisfying our customers and towards contributing to the health of their patients. We are motivated daily by the challenge to be an innovative and cooperative partner for our customers and business associates. An emphasis in our philosophy is always on optimal customer support and respectful cooperation with all our customers and business associates.

MAG & More


PowerMAG products are available to over 1 billion people in more than 30 countries of the world.


Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany.


MAG & More has 15 years' experience in development and manufacturing of high-end TMS devices.


Rapid response to customer needs. MAG & More is privately owned and proud to listen to our customers.


Our medical products are developed and manufactured according to strict medical guidelines for therapy and research use.

Certified training program

Become a certified TMS professional with our international TMS-Academy training program.