The PowerMAG series is designed and developed to ensure that you can integrate and control it to your preference in experimental setups.

Front Panel Mode

You can set general parameters such as the intensity, frequency, train length, pulse type and pulse polarity directly in the front panel mode. This mode also allows you to manually emit pulses as previously set up. Recommended for motor threshold hunting and stand-alone, un-patterned TMS applications.

External BNC triggering

Jitter-free triggering is essential for real-time applications. Our stimulators are equipped with trigger-in and trigger-out BNC connections that allow you to e.g. trigger pulses using the intensity set in front panel and feed the trigger-out TTL signal to external equipment. Example: Triggering the stimulator through Matlab and a parallel port.

Analogue signals and the control splitter box

Our analogue connection via Control splitter box allows the user to set triggers, stimulus intensity and stimulus shape directly through analogue (0-5V) signals. The advantages of this interface are numerous: Analogue signals are fast, and you have full flexibility over each individual pulse.

Serial connection and the PC Interface

The PC-Interface allows you to set up a serial connection between your computer’s USB port and the stimulator. Additionally, our serial command library allows you to easily set, start and stop protocol from e.g. Matlab, Python, or any other program that works with serial connections.